How to keep your winter wardrobe bright

12_05_14_Fashion Illustration

It is officially cold in Boston. I can no longer stand to walk around in cute, light outerwear but I’m huddled into a giant sleeping bag of a coat with giant boots covering my legs. The only pop of excitement in my outfit these days is a scarf.

When it gets cold, it’s hard for me to think about dressing in bold colors. I start to go for the black wool, cashmere or really anything soft with some sort of insulation!

While it’s always sophisticated to dress in all black, I try to keep these outfits fresh by adding different scarves and shoes to make a statement. I love a bright scarf or a bold pattern like the leopard above to make the outfit my own.



  1. I do this too, using scarfs to give a splash of color to otherwise black and grey winter clothing. It doesn’t get as cold as Boston where I live, but it’s damp and dark this time of year so bright colors come off as cheerful.


  2. I just discovered last week in Ushuaia, Argentina that our ‘winter wear’ is their summer wear. And that wonderfully soft maroon baby alpaca scarf and knit cap coupled with a bright blue coat brightened up the day and kept me warm.


  3. Thanks for following me at faithsighandiy. I like your illustrations as well. Can’t wait to see more of them. I like scarves to brighten up a winter outfit as well.


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