Who Said Red Heads Can’t Wear Pink?


Growing up I always wanted red hair.  It was beautiful, fun and fiery. I thought it was a shame that my youngest brother was the red head and not me. However after a bad dye job in college, I grew to appreciate my brown hair and embrace my natural color.

One thing that you rarely hear when you have brown hair is that you shouldn’t wear certain colors but red heads hear it all the time. It’s one of those style cliques that seems to resonate and continue through the years.

I happen to disagree with this. I’m not encouraging red heads to run out and buy the first pink piece of clothing they see but rather to pick a shade that compliments their hair. Choose a pattern with pink in it or a soft tone that doesn’t clash. Rules are meant to be broken and there is always the exception to the rule.


Green Jewel

12_16_14_Fashion Illustration

One of the top colors for the 2014 Fall/Winter season is this deep green. The beautiful jewel tone goes well with every complexion and is easy to accessorize. It’s a great choice for the holiday season because it’s a festive while still being fashionable. Most colors and traditional accessories work well with this from the deep gold tones to the lighter silver.This would be a great choice for a holiday work party or a family gathering.

Taxi Please!

04_16_14_Taxi Please

Living in Boston I have gained an appreciation of taxis. They are a quick and easy way to get around the city and I always enjoy the fun, quirky conversation with the driver. They know the ins and outs of a city in ways I will never figure out in a million years. I try to walk everywhere I can so it’s limited my learning opportunities.

I always take them when I catch a flight, bus or train out of town. However, that’s the only time I never seem to be able to find one! Whether catching a last minute ride to the airport or heading out to a date, this ensemble if certain to impress.

Twist It Up

04_12_14_Twist it Up

I’ve always admired women who learn how to do intricate braided hairstyles. I can do a simple French braid or an inside out French braid but that’s about it. Growing up with two brothers I didn’t have many chances to practice.

They look chic and are a great way to pull your hair away from your face without a ponytail. In this case it helps to showcase her open back. I would love to be able to create this braid crown for a fun night out.

The Flapper Fad


The 1920’s have made a roaring comeback and they are inspiring movies, fashion and everything in between. I recently attended a “Great Gatsby” themed event and was impressed with the creativity some women put into their outfits.  In particular, I was enchanted with the headpieces. You can buy pieces online but there’s also the option of doing it yourself. It’s great because you create an original accessory that is guaranteed to be one of a kind. I would love to see headpieces make a comeback in everyday fashion.

My favorite part of 1920’s flapper dresses is the delicate detailing. The time and originality that goes into each sequins and bead is impressive. The hand stitching is beautifully done and I used that as inspiration for the illustration.

Lavender Lady


Violet is one of those quintessential colors that will bring a smile to my face and a spring to my step. It’s also one of the top colors for this season in 2014. The romantic, vintage color evokes softly swirling skirts and simple up do’s. With those thoughts in mind I drew this woman looking for her girlfriends to clink martini glasses with and dance the night away.