Endless Summer


Summer has been a blast. I have loved the warmth, activities and going on a ton of trips. I would be happy if this season could last forever! This girl epitomizes that feeling of casually embracing the beautiful weather with her cheery yellow top and white pants.




A Ray of Sunshine on a Cloudy Day


Yellow is one of my favorite colors because of its cheery connotations and eye catching color. In college I had yellow sheets and towels that I loved. Unfortunately, yellow does not love me back. It washes me out and makes my pale skin beg to be taken to the beach for a tan. In stores I’ll try on a yellow dress or shirt only to sadly put it back on the rack.

This girl I painted can pull off yellow. She is wearing a simple dress that stands out without needing to be over accessorized. She even has yellow peeping from her shoes. This is an outfit I would love to wear, if only I could pull it off!