Re-Vamping a Wardrobe

11-08-14-Work Outfit

Do you ever have those moments where you look in your closet and just hate everything? Nothing is inspiring because it has been worn a million times. That’s exactly how I felt this morning.

In an effort to not spend a million dollars on a new wardrobe, I’m looking for ways to spice up my current wardrobe. I’m experimenting with ways  to take my more conservative outfits that I might not have worn to work and mix them into the rotation with a formal jacket or dark tights.

This dress is a perfect example of a piece that can go from work to dinner and drinks with friends. It’s a fun piece but still formal enough for work by having a long hemline and sleeves.

Nautical Nation

08_22_14_Nautical Nation

If you were to visit my apartment you would find a sea of nautical items. Growing up near the beach, it’s close to my heart. I don’t think I could ever go too far from water. There’s something about the smell and relaxing feeling I get by being near it that I could never give it up.

I incorporate a nautical theme into my wardrobe by picking items that are brightly colored with sea creatures or plants. This dress brings out the bright colored coral that dots the ocean floor. I paired it with a bright green to imitate the ocean and make the deep reds stronger.

Fresh Vintage

08_18_14_Fresh Vintage

Vintage and 70’s style clothing is fun to incorporate into your everyday wardrobe. Leopard is a great neural that you can bring it into the little details. This outfit brings in leopard in a lot of little ways from her sunglasses to handbag. The structured fit of her clothing helps to give this vintage outfit a modern take.

Summertime Re-Mix


The end of the summer is the perfect time to mix up your wardrobe. Take advantage of the last few days by mixing and matching pieces in bright colors you wouldn’t normally pair. Bringing together bright colors will draw attention to your (hopefully) fabulous tan.

One way to add a fresh touch is to change up the statement jewelry. This outfit brings in bright turquoise to help the pink pop. These colors play off each other beautifully making this dress bright, sassy and summery.