Tasteful Limeade


While I saw painting this dress I was inspired by lemonade. I was desperately thirsty, a little hot and in the summer there’s nothing better than lemonade, unless of course it’s limeade. The summer brings out the best drinks like ice tea and Arnold Palmers.

This dress is a delicious combination of sweet and tart, like limeade. The swirls of color within her dress are very festive. The coloring would be great for an outdoor picnic so that you don’t show any stains.



Pop of Green

07_08_14_Pop of Green

Summer is one of my favorite seasons. It’s warm, beautiful and you can wear white. I know I’ve previously talked about my love of white jeans but I also love white dresses! I’m attracted to the color that begs to be accessorized. A white dress feels like a blank canvas that needs layers of necklaces, funky shoes and chunky earrings. The simplicity allows her to play with the color green in her jewelry and shoes. Can’t you see her wandering around in this dress all summer long?


Graduation Dress


With my little brother graduating from high school I can’t help but wonder what to wear to his graduation. For my middle brother I went with a colorful shift dress but I’m looking to mix it up this time. The dress would need to be light weight to deal with the inevitable heat of the day but with a flattering shape since I know I’ll run into people I haven’t seen since my own high school graduation!

I designed this dress to be made of light fabric, color and a flattering cut. The folds at the side helps to add definition to her waist while the loose skirt skims her hips and thighs. The little green clutch would be perfect to store makeup, an Iphone for pictures along with odds and ends.

White Jeans in the Summer


It is officially white jeans season and I love it! One of my favorite things is that they are only “acceptable” for a short window of time which makes me wear them more often. In particular white jeans are great for those colder nights when you need more than shorts but don’t feel like wearing plain old denim.

By pairing these white jeans with a pink coat this girl is showing off her fun, summery side while staying warm. The bow detail at her collar adds a whimsical feel to the outfit. The blue shoes emphasize the color blocking of her ensemble.

Lay Out


Lounging outside is one of my favorite things to do in the summer. Give me a cloudy day, a hot day, or even an unseasonably cool day and I’ll prefer to be outside. There’s nothing like soaking up the sun to put me in a good mood.

This girl is effortlessly cool with her over-sized shirt and black pants. The shirt adds enough volume that she’s not stifling from the heat and it makes the outfit wonderfully chic.

Oh, Summer Days!


In Boston I’m battling a freezing winter and just dreaming of summer days when legs and arms can be bare. Unfortunately, my clothing reality is a giant sleeping bag like coat, fluffy earmuffs and a scarf so big only my nose peeks out.

Dreaming back to summer, one of my favorite dress designs of the season was this scalloped dress. The lines are simple and elegant but with enough personality that you can wear just the dress or throw on a statement necklace to add that extra bit of pop!