Slip on Dress

Bold Blocking

12_03_14_Purple Dress

Color blocking is one of the fastest ways to make you appear slimmer. The long strips of black in this dress help to nip in her waist and remove inches from a quick glance. The dark purple can help to conceal any bumps from the holiday food frenzy.

The different shapes made by the blocking can be flattering style for all body types. It’s hard to find a shape that flatters everyone but a simple body skimming sheath can do that. This dress would be perfect for all occasions from work to a holiday party.

Built in Accessories


I’ve mentioned this before but I love dresses that build in a neckline that takes away the need for necklaces. Having a bejeweled or bold print right at the neck makes it easy to slip into a dress and run out the door. This neckline with the pink ribbon helps to bring out the pink in her cheeks and gives her a glow. The best part is that all you need to do is pop in some earrings, slip on some heels and you effortlessly look put together. It’s a great look for a professional on the go.