Shift Dress

Sweater Weather

10_02_14_Sweater Weather

I absolutely, positively love big bulky sweaters in the cold months when you are at home relaxing. There’s nothing better after a full day of work to shimmy out of your shift dress and snuggle into a warm, cozy sweater. There’s something about the thick layers that makes stress roll off and TV marathons even better. If you need to pop out throw on some boots, leggings and you are good to go.

Golf Outfit


This summer I’ve been playing golf. I love it because you’re outside for a couple hours and you also get a great workout if you pull your clubs. The green is beautiful and walking or driving the course gives you a different perspective than if you just view it from the road.

With this new interest in golf I’ve been checking out different outfits that would be cool on a hot day and preppy. This shift dress would be perfect if it was in a cotton/spandex blend that would move as you hit the ball.

Tasteful Limeade


While I saw painting this dress I was inspired by lemonade. I was desperately thirsty, a little hot and in the summer there’s nothing better than lemonade, unless of course it’s limeade. The summer brings out the best drinks like ice tea and Arnold Palmers.

This dress is a delicious combination of sweet and tart, like limeade. The swirls of color within her dress are very festive. The coloring would be great for an outdoor picnic so that you don’t show any stains.



Pop of Green

07_08_14_Pop of Green

Summer is one of my favorite seasons. It’s warm, beautiful and you can wear white. I know I’ve previously talked about my love of white jeans but I also love white dresses! I’m attracted to the color that begs to be accessorized. A white dress feels like a blank canvas that needs layers of necklaces, funky shoes and chunky earrings. The simplicity allows her to play with the color green in her jewelry and shoes. Can’t you see her wandering around in this dress all summer long?


A Ray of Sunshine on a Cloudy Day


Yellow is one of my favorite colors because of its cheery connotations and eye catching color. In college I had yellow sheets and towels that I loved. Unfortunately, yellow does not love me back. It washes me out and makes my pale skin beg to be taken to the beach for a tan. In stores I’ll try on a yellow dress or shirt only to sadly put it back on the rack.

This girl I painted can pull off yellow. She is wearing a simple dress that stands out without needing to be over accessorized. She even has yellow peeping from her shoes. This is an outfit I would love to wear, if only I could pull it off!

Oh, Summer Days!


In Boston I’m battling a freezing winter and just dreaming of summer days when legs and arms can be bare. Unfortunately, my clothing reality is a giant sleeping bag like coat, fluffy earmuffs and a scarf so big only my nose peeks out.

Dreaming back to summer, one of my favorite dress designs of the season was this scalloped dress. The lines are simple and elegant but with enough personality that you can wear just the dress or throw on a statement necklace to add that extra bit of pop!