Red Pants

Red, White and Blue

07_04_14_Red, White, Blue

I hope everyone is having a wonderful 4th of July weekend! I traveled to Cape Cod with my family and I’m having a blast. It is the perfect combination of family, delicious food and outside activities. Although today has been filled with indoor festivities due to bad weather. July 4th is one of the biggest holidays for my family because it’s a chance to get the whole family together without the pressure bigger holidays bring.

It’s a chance to relax in comfortable clothes that add a touch of patriotism. Wearing red, white and blue is a great way to get in theme! Many outfits in my suitcase are in those colors. This outfit is great for a casual night with skinny jeans with a touch of flair in the leopard heels.


Follow the Dotted Pants

07_02_14_Red Dotted Pants

These red pants are a perfect statement piece for the summer and especially the 4th of July. Red is always a great staple color but it comes out in full force in the hot months. These make a statement without being too bold. The dots are a small neutral pattern that can be paired well with all types of tops