Safe Travels and Happy Thanksgiving!

11-26-14-Holiday Cheer

I hope everyone has safe travels and a Happy Thanksgiving! I’m thankful for this holiday where you can take the time to appreciate family, friends and great food.


Patterned Coats


Patterned coats are a must in the holiday season. There’s nothing better than jazzing up a dreary day with a bright color and snazzy pattern. While the winter months leave you running for the simple black coat, try breaking out! (Although, I must admit, I do have a bunch of simple black coats.)

I’ve been making a conscious effort to break out of the sea of black and liven up my wardrobe. It adds a little holiday cheer to your everyday.

Built in Accessories


I’ve mentioned this before but I love dresses that build in a neckline that takes away the need for necklaces. Having a bejeweled or bold print right at the neck makes it easy to slip into a dress and run out the door. This neckline with the pink ribbon helps to bring out the pink in her cheeks and gives her a glow. The best part is that all you need to do is pop in some earrings, slip on some heels and you effortlessly look put together. It’s a great look for a professional on the go.

Dancing to the Music


One of my favorite things to dance, especially in a flowing skirt. The twirls and dips are much more dramatic and romantic. I believe it also helps your dancing skills because the movement helps to get you more engaged. I would love to dance in this outfit because of the wide, loose skirt and the tight black top. The balance between having a tight top and loose skirt helps to show off your figure and give you a defined waist.

Take Me Out to the Ball Park


Fall is one of the best times of the year for fun, relaxing outfits. It’s the chance to pair shorts with a big fuzzy sweatshirt or a tailored one. The days and nights are that perfect in between temperature for bare legs and covered arms.

This outfit would be perfect for a Red Sox game (Go Boston!) or any other sporting event you are attending. The layers will keep you warm when the sun goes down while the shorts will keep you cool during the first half when the sun is shining. I’m planning on wearing a similar outfit next time I go to Fenway.

Classic Sass


Spice up a classic silhouette by picking a dress that has jewels sewn into it. This traditional shape is flattering for all body types by accenting her waist while skimming over her curves. If you like a more laid back style or don’t feel like accessorizing, it’s great to pick a dress that takes care of that for you.

Flower Child

08_20_14_Flower Child

Wear a dress with a big bold flower pattern? Yes, please!

Go big, go bold and try fun patterns! There’s nothing wrong with mixing up a normally monochromatic or solid colored wardrobe with a loud dress. I’m in love with the big graphic flowers peppering this dress. Yellow and pink bring to mind a preppy party. This would be perfect for any occasion from a quick drink with friends to a family dinner.