Flower Child

08_20_14_Flower Child

Wear a dress with a big bold flower pattern? Yes, please!

Go big, go bold and try fun patterns! There’s nothing wrong with mixing up a normally monochromatic or solid colored wardrobe with a loud dress. I’m in love with the big graphic flowers peppering this dress. Yellow and pink bring to mind a preppy party. This would be perfect for any occasion from a quick drink with friends to a family dinner.

Zig Zag to My Heart

07_18_14_Zig Zag

Patterns, bright colors and heels? Oh my!

Those are three of my favorite things and they all look wonderful on this girl. Patterned pants can help to dress up any outfit. They add a touch of whimsical and a whole lot of fun to a normally simple piece of clothing. I usually pair a loud patterned pant with a simple top so that the pants get more attention. It also helps to balance out the outfit and not overwhelm the person looking at you with too much going on.