Wedding Season


Wedding season is starting to hit and I’m excited to say I have a few coming up. I find them to be utterly romantic. It’s that special moment where two people declare their love for each other in front of their friends and family. I always find it an honor to be invited to share in those special occassions.

It’s also an opportunity to find a fun dress! Summer clothing lines are starting to come out and I’m on the hunt for a couple of winners. Since it’s full day event in most cases, it’s important to find a dress that breaths throughout the day. I love silk as much as the next girl but in the hot summer heat, you are not going to be able to last until the dancing starts. My requirements are something with a bit of a full skirt, cotton or spandex type of material and a fun pattern or interesting shape. This dress is one I would wear in a heartbeat. It’s fun, light and can go all night!


Love is in the Air


Guilty secret, I LOVE the Bachelorette, Bachelor, Bachelor-anything and I’m there. It’s perfect for those lazy Monday nights when you’re home, girding your loins to tackle the rest of the week. It’s simple, easy to predict but still romantic enough to get me every time.

Does anyone else watch the Bachelorette?