Ballet Princess

Prima Ballerina


Can’t you see this girl either in a ballet or a ballerina after waiting to greet her fans? Simple, fashionable and beautifully draped, that’s how I always imagine they dress at all times. Theres’ something about a tulle skirt that brings alive your imagination and the twirling moves ballerinas are so famous for.


Slouchy Casual



Weekends were build for brunches, TV marathons and casual clothes. It’s a chance to recharge your batteries and kick off those heels. I love dressing up to go out, grab lunch or see a friend for coffee. However it’s those ratty clothes you never see that are my favorite. Oversized Wellesley sweatpants? Check. Old sports shirts? Check. Beat up sneakers? Definitely in my closet!

I’m a big believer in dressing for who you want to be and putting your best foot forward at work. It’s also important to remember that sometimes the best foot is that of a couch potato who will order take out all weekend.

Free Spirits


“I like to be a free spirit. Some don’t like that, but that’s the way I am.”

-Diana Princess of Wales

Tip of the Hat

Nod to Black


There’s something about a hat that can liven up an outfit. It makes a simple top and bottom pop with a flash of color. Plus it’s practical all year round!

I love wearing hats in the winter but struggle for ideas in the spring. Luckily, as the stores transition from winter to spring there is a ton of great inspiration out there.  I’ve keeping an eye out for ideas in which ones to add to my wardrobe. The winter sales also give you a chance to snag  a fun winter one to wear for the next couple weeks.

Stretch It Out

Exercise Outfit

If only Boston wasn’t under feet of snow and this exercise picture could be a reality in my life! Working out is particularly difficult to motivate myself to be consistent with in the winter. Once the chill of the Fall sets in my desire to run outside shrivels and I looks for indoor activities (not that it was a big appetite anyway).

Luckily, there are a lot of great ways to stay active through gyms and classes. I’ve grown to love classes as a way to stay engaged and push myself. When my own desire to sweat and kick butt starts to go, I can count on an instructor to make me drop lower or increase the gage of my bike. Plus all the other attendees in great shape in cute outfits is wonderful inspiration!

Shiver Me Timber

Peaking in Pink


Batten down the hatches, Boston and the New England area is getting a blizzard. I’m planning on hiding behind coats, scarves, gloves, giant hats or anything I can get my hands on that will keep me warm. I enjoy snow the most when I’m at home in front of a fire in a pile of blankets. That’s how I enjoyed the couple of inches this weekend and hopefully how I’ll be able to weather the coming days.

Airport Casual



The best outfits to wear when you are flying are light, monochromatic and slightly fancy. Why fancy you may ask. Just in case as you are checking in there’s an extra seat in first class. It’s a rule of thumb that if you look good and ask if there are any free upgrades you may get lucky and get bumped up! However if you are wearing an old college sweatshirt, yoga leggings with sneakers your chances are much lower.

Here’s a simple, casual and cool outfit to wear while flying. A flowing top will give you comfort and room to move with black pants to compliment the loose top. A scarf fills out this look by adding an additional layer of elegance and touch of care.



Collaboration with Busy Style Beauty



I was recently contacted by Denise of Busy Style Beauty to create a couple of illustrations for her blog. She has a wonderful sense of style and was a pleasure to work with!

I always love getting inspiration from other fashionistas and enjoyed looking through her outfits. She has a lot of great ideas! Check out her blog here:



Bare the Belly


A little flash of tight tummy is flattering and fun. It’s adds a touch of glamor to an outfit. However for 90% of the population, myself included, I just have to say: Don’t do it unless you know how. Don’t be the person out at a bar where just a little too much is being shared with the world. The only people who want to see more than a sliver is your significant other or your doctor if you’re not at the beach. It’s a fine balance and I applaud those who look great in it.

Here are a couple of tips on how to style the crop top if you are going for it.

1. Choose a high-waist bottom. Pick a skirt/short/pant that gets close to your top so only a sliver is showing. This will help to elongate your lower half. Unless you’re going to a 90’s party show off the portion of your stomach above your belly button.

2. Keep it Loose. If you want to dip your toe into the style, try mixing a tight bottom with a loose top or visa-verse. That way it’s still in your comfort zone. The loose fabric will be more forgiving to the part you’re still getting used to showing off.

3. Keep your neckline high and your arms covered. As my mother always said, leave something to the imagination. Don’t do a crop top with spaghetti straps unless that is your style. You can keep it cool and fun with a demure neckline. This also is helpful in the cold months when being daring is great but not at the expense of frostbite.

4. Keep it simple. Stick to your basics in coloring and you rarely go wrong. Pair different shades of pink, blue or white together to get a classic look. This monochromatic look will let you experiment with the style and you can accessorize with more dramatic pieces.

5. Wear it with confidence. Celebrities in all shapes and sizes including Taylor Swift, Kim Kardashian and Ariana Grande make this look work. No matter your size or shape, it’s about confidence. If you walk in with your head held high there’s no way you can’t pull off this look.