Tip of the Hat

Nod to Black


There’s something about a hat that can liven up an outfit. It makes a simple top and bottom pop with a flash of color. Plus it’s practical all year round!

I love wearing hats in the winter but struggle for ideas in the spring. Luckily, as the stores transition from winter to spring there is a ton of great inspiration out there.  I’ve keeping an eye out for ideas in which ones to add to my wardrobe. The winter sales also give you a chance to snag  a fun winter one to wear for the next couple weeks.


Hats off to Adventuring


Who doesn’t love a good summer adventure? There’s something about this girl’s hat and outfit that makes me think of exploring a farmers market, antique fair or just walking along a pier. Activities come to life and once empty outdoor spaces are suddenly bustling with vendors. In particular, I can imagine her wandering around Davis Square in Somerville to stop and listen to the various street musicians performing.