Stretch It Out

Exercise Outfit

If only Boston wasn’t under feet of snow and this exercise picture could be a reality in my life! Working out is particularly difficult to motivate myself to be consistent with in the winter. Once the chill of the Fall sets in my desire to run outside shrivels and I looks for indoor activities (not that it was a big appetite anyway).

Luckily, there are a lot of great ways to stay active through gyms and classes. I’ve grown to love classes as a way to stay engaged and push myself. When my own desire to sweat and kick butt starts to go, I can count on an instructor to make me drop lower or increase the gage of my bike. Plus all the other attendees in great shape in cute outfits is wonderful inspiration!


Cape Time


I’ve noticed more and more women on the street embracing the cape trend. Depending on the pattern they can be worn to any event from formal to casual. The draped look is flattering on all body types by skimming over your curves but still showing they exist. A good contrast to the looser top is to have tighter pants. I  love wearing tighter pants to show off my legs or any change to throw on leggings with high boots. Although you always have to make sure the cap or top is long enough to cover you up!

Coats On

10-28-14-Shoulder throw


Halloween is over and it’s officially the start of the holiday season. It’s hands down one of my favorite parts of the year. The weather picks up a little chill and you need a coat with you at all times. Boston even had it’s first snow today! It may have been a mix of slush and snow but it still counts in my book.

Winter Whites with a Pop

10-26-14-Pink Diva

Summer may be over but that doesn’t mean you have to stop wearing white. For me, I can’t wear a bright white but winter whites are still in play. The slightly darker whites can be beautiful when paired with the muted tones of fall or the deep jewel tones of winter. These pants, paired with a bold check is a great outfit for the transition to fall or winter.


Pick a Good One



Apple picking, along with pumpkin spice lattes and Halloween is one of the staples of fall. Growing up I would go apple picking every year. I admit, I’ve let the tradition fall to the wayside but I love hearing about friends’ apple picking adventures. One of my favorite parts was always the cider donuts. Fresh out of the oven and they melt in your mouth. I could eat boxes of those and not get sick of them. It’s always a great excuse to pick out a fun, fall outfit for the occasion. Due to my cider donut obsession I also always make sure to wear a scarf to hide my food baby!

Invested in Fur

10_10_14_Fur Vest



Fur vests are one of my go to looks for fall. If it’s real or fake I love the way it finishes off an outfit. It not only helps to add a layer of warmth but also makes simple outfits more exciting. Wearing black or camel sweaters underneath fur vests can help to bring out the natural tones within the fur.

Weather Flips

09_30_14_Weather Flips

Fall weather is always confusing. Boston has been a yo-yo from hot to cold. This weekend has felt like the summer was back again. I have friends who even got sunburns at the beach! Most have started the transition from summer to winter clothes in their wardrobe and it’s tough with you hit that in between.

I use these warm days as the perfect excuse to bring out longer skirts with light tops to blend the two seasons. The changing weather makes this skirt easy to pair with a lightweight three-quarters shirt for now and change to a fun turtle neck in the winter!

Sweater Weather

10_02_14_Sweater Weather

I absolutely, positively love big bulky sweaters in the cold months when you are at home relaxing. There’s nothing better after a full day of work to shimmy out of your shift dress and snuggle into a warm, cozy sweater. There’s something about the thick layers that makes stress roll off and TV marathons even better. If you need to pop out throw on some boots, leggings and you are good to go.

Take it to the Trenches

09_28_14_Trench Coat

A trench coat is an iconic piece of clothing that never goes out of style. It’s versatile and can be worn with a formal outfit to work or for a causal day of shopping. The standard khaki color is the perfect neutral to go with any color worn underneath. It’s great to wear during the changing seasons. This outfit is perfect for the fall weather with a light weight trench, black pants and high boots.

Savor Summer


Today was the first day I wore a true “fall” outfit. Boston had a bite to the air and I need to cover up a little more. I mixed in some darker colors and heavier fabrics. While I love that first fall outfit I’m still holding out on packing away my shorts as long as possible. There’s something about shorts and a tank top that I can’t help but love anytime of the year. The thought of endless summer is what inspired this outfit.