Swooning for the Ballet

11-12-14-Swan Lake

There is something magical about the words “I’m going to the Ballet.” They words seem to float in the air with sparkles on them, every little girls dream. It’s one of those special occasions to get dressed up and watch ballerina’s effortlessly twirl around the floor. I admit, when I was little I used to dream of being a ballerina. However this promptly ended after I ruined a recital in first grade, much to the laughter of my family.

This week, I attended the Swan Lake Ballet in Boston and was entranced. Everything from the costumes to the decor to the dancers was just perfect. I especially loved Odile’s black swan costume that has over 4,000 crystal jewels. It sparked beautifully and made her movements more dramatic. It was especially memorable when she completed  32 fouetté (whip) turns and the whole audience burst into applause.

I cannot recommend going to see Swan Lake at the Boston Opera House enough.


Dancing in Heels

10_14_14_Flower Skirt


“Always dance as if no one is watching” is a clique but one that resonates with me. It represents those times you dance in your underwear or try out a funky new move. Embracing dancing gives you a chance to laugh at yourself and get out the nerves before trying the move in front of other people. I’m always impressed with the ladies who tear up the dance floor in heels looking confident, athletic and beautiful. Dancing to the beat of your own music is what inspired this drawing. The skirt is perfect for twirling and moving to the beat.

Dancing to the Music


One of my favorite things to dance, especially in a flowing skirt. The twirls and dips are much more dramatic and romantic. I believe it also helps your dancing skills because the movement helps to get you more engaged. I would love to dance in this outfit because of the wide, loose skirt and the tight black top. The balance between having a tight top and loose skirt helps to show off your figure and give you a defined waist.

Lavender Lady


Violet is one of those quintessential colors that will bring a smile to my face and a spring to my step. It’s also one of the top colors for this season in 2014. The romantic, vintage color evokes softly swirling skirts and simple up do’s. With those thoughts in mind I drew this woman looking for her girlfriends to clink martini glasses with and dance the night away.