Cape Time


I’ve noticed more and more women on the street embracing the cape trend. Depending on the pattern they can be worn to any event from formal to casual. The draped look is flattering on all body types by skimming over your curves but still showing they exist. A good contrast to the looser top is to have tighter pants. I  love wearing tighter pants to show off my legs or any change to throw on leggings with high boots. Although you always have to make sure the cap or top is long enough to cover you up!


Preparing for Puddles



Rain always makes me want to stay home, curl under the covers and have a movie marathon. I’m a little sleepy all day even after my daily cup of coffee. My favorite time of the week for a rainy day is Sunday. It’s the perfect way to prepare for the week by giving you time to organize meals and outfits. It also gives you a guilt free excuse to relax without the nagging feeling you should be seeing friends or running errands.

When I do venture out I always wear my trusty Hunter rain boots. Those shoes have gotten me through all types of weather from rain to snow. I  choose black as the color so they are easy to wear to work or for fun.

Kicking It


Spring is officially here and that means goodbye heavy jackets and hello vests! They are my go to for when I need a little more warmth and are flattering by skimming your curves. You can get them in every color and pattern to mix and match with any outfit.

They are best in the spring and fall months when you are looking to add layers. Choosing a thinner vest lets you avoid too much bulk and then you can add a heaver sweater or button down underneath. I have to admit I have quite a few!