Lay Out


Lounging outside is one of my favorite things to do in the summer. Give me a cloudy day, a hot day, or even an unseasonably cool day and I’ll prefer to be outside. There’s nothing like soaking up the sun to put me in a good mood.

This girl is effortlessly cool with her over-sized shirt and black pants. The shirt adds enough volume that she’s not stifling from the heat and it makes the outfit wonderfully chic.


Blue Bombshell


In the winter it’s so easy to fall into the rut of always wearing black. You look in your closet and anything colorful only seems to draw attention to the fact that you really did eat 2 whole bags of chocolate for Valentine’s Day and that your gym workout has digressed into walking 5 minutes to the T every day.

This drawing focuses on the idea that bold colors can be neutral and are just as flattering. This bright blue has a classic silhouette that hugs her body and elongates her legs by having darts down the center and sides helping to accentuate her hourglass figure.