Ariana Grande

Bare the Belly


A little flash of tight tummy is flattering and fun. It’s adds a touch of glamor to an outfit. However for 90% of the population, myself included, I just have to say: Don’t do it unless you know how. Don’t be the person out at a bar where just a little too much is being shared with the world. The only people who want to see more than a sliver is your significant other or your doctor if you’re not at the beach. It’s a fine balance and I applaud those who look great in it.

Here are a couple of tips on how to style the crop top if you are going for it.

1. Choose a high-waist bottom. Pick a skirt/short/pant that gets close to your top so only a sliver is showing. This will help to elongate your lower half. Unless you’re going to a 90’s party show off the portion of your stomach above your belly button.

2. Keep it Loose. If you want to dip your toe into the style, try mixing a tight bottom with a loose top or visa-verse. That way it’s still in your comfort zone. The loose fabric will be more forgiving to the part you’re still getting used to showing off.

3. Keep your neckline high and your arms covered. As my mother always said, leave something to the imagination. Don’t do a crop top with spaghetti straps unless that is your style. You can keep it cool and fun with a demure neckline. This also is helpful in the cold months when being daring is great but not at the expense of frostbite.

4. Keep it simple. Stick to your basics in coloring and you rarely go wrong. Pair different shades of pink, blue or white together to get a classic look. This monochromatic look will let you experiment with the style and you can accessorize with more dramatic pieces.

5. Wear it with confidence. Celebrities in all shapes and sizes including Taylor Swift, Kim Kardashian and Ariana Grande make this look work. No matter your size or shape, it’s about confidence. If you walk in with your head held high there’s no way you can’t pull off this look.