Stretch It Out

Exercise Outfit

If only Boston wasn’t under feet of snow and this exercise picture could be a reality in my life! Working out is particularly difficult to motivate myself to be consistent with in the winter. Once the chill of the Fall sets in my desire to run outside shrivels and I looks for indoor activities (not that it was a big appetite anyway).

Luckily, there are a lot of great ways to stay active through gyms and classes. I’ve grown to love classes as a way to stay engaged and push myself. When my own desire to sweat and kick butt starts to go, I can count on an instructor to make me drop lower or increase the gage of my bike. Plus all the other attendees in great shape in cute outfits is wonderful inspiration!



  1. You are 100% right winter is hard to keep active. It’s probably not a solution, but I find if I like my “gym clothes” it’s a lot easier to get to the gym or run or whatever. Sometimes I’ll try out some new gym coordinates and that’s enough to make me WANT to wear them, and work out. Lol. A little trickery I play on myself. 😉 hope you guys are managing that snow.


  2. I found that getting a treadmill for the house has helped me TREMENDOUSLY when it comes to staying motivated. If there’s the possibility of fitness at home, then I literally have zero excuses haha. That only works if you dig cardio though, which I obviously do :p

    Alyssa K.


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