Airport Casual



The best outfits to wear when you are flying are light, monochromatic and slightly fancy. Why fancy you may ask. Just in case as you are checking in there’s an extra seat in first class. It’s a rule of thumb that if you look good and ask if there are any free upgrades you may get lucky and get bumped up! However if you are wearing an old college sweatshirt, yoga leggings with sneakers your chances are much lower.

Here’s a simple, casual and cool outfit to wear while flying. A flowing top will give you comfort and room to move with black pants to compliment the loose top. A scarf fills out this look by adding an additional layer of elegance and touch of care.





  1. This actually looks like a look for everyday! Love it. And love the simple explanations of why this or that. I really like your blog!


  2. I’m a 4WD-driving muddy-boot gardener whose height of fashion is loose-fit off-brand blue jeans and ragg wool sweaters. I literally don’t give a damn about fashion and only buy clothes to specifically replace something that has been lost or worn out. Why is it that I keep looking at your drawings, then? It’s perverse, really. You must be doing something right.


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