Make a Wish


It’s almost 2015 where I hope to be more fabulous, fashionable and fit than ever! Even though I’m awful at following through with them, I’ve decided to make some new years resolutions. My favorite part about resolutions is looking back over the past year and admitting to yourself the successes and failures. It’s important to address both sides to help yourself grow.

Here are my top 3 fashion resolutions for 2015.

1. Buy more clothing that focuses on quality over quantity. There isn’t a sales sign posted that I didn’t love. I’m guilty of being a constant pillage of the sales rack. Those four letters get my heart pumping and I view the purchase as “basically free” if it’s 70% off or more. I’m going to try to exercise more restraint and be more conscientious about what I purchase.

2. Buy more up and coming designers. Living in Boston, it’s easy to fall into the trap of going to Newbury Street and browsing the big name designers or popping into Marshall’s for a steal. However by focusing on the big names I know I’m missing out on the little local boutiques of Beacon Hill, North End or Cambridge. This year I’m going to make an effort to take the time to explore.

3. Get out of my comfort zone for work clothes. I’ll admit, I have a uniform of clothes I wear. My work wardrobe is the same routine of blazers, cardigans and shift dresses. It’s tough to find clothes that are professional, classy and have a touch of fun. Looking for those pieces that pop will be a pleasure and a challenge I gladly take on!

What are your resolutions this year?



  1. Wonderful, wonderful drawing. Cannot answer your question as I do not have special resolutions!! all the best to you anyway and I shall continue to look forward to your lovely creations. And clothes sound good..something stylish to look inconspicuous in for street photography!


  2. I’m so guilty of number 1 as well :/ đŸ™‚ the green dress is absolutely spectacular too, I adore that kind of dark celery colour on dresses. What material would you use- silk? Have a wonderful New Year and all the best with your resolutions.


  3. Resolution #1: Become more organized, especially in the closet (plus, it makes it easier to get out the door in the morning).
    Resolution #2: Keep resolution #1.
    Resolution #3: Repeat resolution #1 (because it inevitably will become mis-organized again).

    Love your fashion resolutions; ones I always live by. Good luck and Happy New Year!

    BTW – My niece, Julia, is an up-and-coming fashionista (with great sketches too) so I sent her a link to your blog). I know she will enjoy.


    1. That is so true! That would be a good resolution for me to follow as well. When I first moved into my apartment I was very good at following a system but it’s gotten a little cluttered over the past few years.

      I hope she enjoys my blog! That’s fantastic she’s already drawing. It’s a great creative outlet.


  4. Hi Anne, happy new year to you! Thank for following me, so happy I could find this amazing blog. Hope 2015 will give you lots of wonderful moments to remember đŸ™‚



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