New Years Preparation


New Years is almost here! It’s the change to pop some bubbly and make resolutions for 2015. (Although, in my case they only last about a week.) One of my favorite ways to usher in the New Year is to go to a party to celebrate with some of my close friends or enjoy one of the big bashes at hotels, bars or resturants in Boston.

It’s a great excuse to buy a new dress and pick one that’s a bit trendier. One of my favorite parts of New Years Eve is looking back on old photos where I’m wearing a terrible trendy outfit that looks outdated by the next year. The height of fashion is frozen in that moment where you are wearing sequins, bows or giant shoulder pads! It’s fun to think you were the cat’s meow for the night.

If you are looking for a trendy outfit this year look no further than the leather trim trend. It’s hot, fun and sure to be one of the looks that memorializes this year. In 2014 leather patches, sleeves and jackets could be seen in every store. The fun number up top has a combination of flashy colors and leather patches. Perfectly trendy and guaranteed to be one of those dresses you love to look back on in a couple years and laugh.



  1. There’s nothing like finding the perfect New Year’s Dress for a night on the town! : ) What is it about NYE that makes us feel like we can wear something out of our comfort zones or that we may not normally wear? Whatever it is, I love it! Happy New Year!


  2. Evening.
    Well, I suppose the fashion bug, or trendy aspect of attire left this guy long ago, as I sport a pair of jeans, T-shirt, and usually tennis shoes (perhaps the grand faux pas for those conscious of others comments) regardless the weather. However, my brother gave me a pair of hiking boots for Christmas and they give this old man, how you say, a new look.
    Thanks for your energy and stylistic approach at life, and the follow as well.


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